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"I have been using cameras for over 15 years capturing a wide variety of subjects, events and scenarios ranging from Wildlife in the South African Bush, Classic Car Racing in Italy and Street Life in New York to Events at Goodwood, London to Brighton Run and English Life.


A lifelong interest in Theatre and Cinema and my experience of the Music Industry, Theatre, Event Management and Concert Promotion is echoed in many aspects of my pictures.


I find am spending more time these days focusing on black & white as a medium, somehow (and I`m not sure why) it just seems to be able “to tell the story” and “capture the moment” in a much more interesting way.


For the past year or so I`ve been using the wonderful Fujifilm Xpro 1, having sold all of my DSLR kit – a decision I don’t regret for a moment. The Fuji encourages me to think about what I`m doing with the camera – it doesn’t allow me to rush into a shot and takes me back to the days of film – wonderful!!"




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